What's A Tasting?

A tasting is a great way to try some of the food items you are thinking about having at your event. It is designed to give you a sampling of our cuisine.  Tastings are held every 6-8 weeks on pre-determined Sunday Evenings at 5:00.

What's Included In A Tasting?

The Inn will offer some of our most popular hors d’oeuvres.  There will be samples of the different salad selections. Tastings are served to your table family style with sharing plates provided for all who attend. Tastings are complimentary for two guests. Additional guests are $10 per person. The group is treated to three complimentary entrees and additional entrees can be added for $15 per entree. Follow up tastings are priced at $10 per additional person and $15 per entree.

Are There Any Restrictions On Items I May Taste?

Most of our items are available for tasting. Please keep in mind however, that some of our buffet and station foods are cooked as whole roasts and casseroles and may not be conducive for an individual tasting. Your coordinator will let you know if your items are unavailable for tasting.

Can I Come To A Tasting If I Don't Have An Event Booked?

If you're interested in booking wedding or large event with us, you're welcome to come to a tasting! We charge $50 a couple plus $10 per additional guests. If you decide to book with us, the $50 goes towards your deposit. 

How Do I Book My Tasting?

Tasting dates are listed below and reservations are made directly online. Click on the available date and you will be directed to the tasting form for you to complete.  Please keep in mind  that reservations must be made at least 5 full days prior to the tasting event. Simply fill out our online form and bring your appetite!

You will receive a confirmation email the week of the tasting. Any changes to your tasting can be made at that time.

What If I Need To Cancel My Tasting Reservation?

We ask for 24 hour notice if you are canceling your tasting. Any reservations that have not cancelled and do not attend will be charged a minimum of $50 or the balance of the tasting invoice.

Tasting Dates

August 25, 2019 - CLOSED

November 3, 2019 - COMING SOON!

Have Fun!!!!

Due to high volume in our restaurant, the Joseph Ambler Inn cannot accommodate private tastings.